Hermit crabs move from one shell to another, and are a perfect example of living green. After all, they recycle the older “houses”, and when they get too large for the current shell, they will shift out and look for a different place. This hairy hermit crab, however, has found a new love – a home made out of Lego bricks, bringing a tear to the side of my eyes. After all, it is not too often that one sees a multi-colored shell that is all blocky when underwater, but Harry (or so he is named) currently resides in the Atlantis Discovery Area at Legoland in Windsor, Berkshire, so it is fitting that his home is made entirely of Lego bricks.

According to Liane Riley, senior aquarist at Legoland, “We decided to give Harry a wider choice and the model makers here created a special Lego house just for him. We weren’t really sure if he’d actually move in, but he rejected the sea and snail shells on offer and seems very comfortable in his new home.” This is also a great way to test the durability of Lego bricks whenever they are left underwater for long periods of time.

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