HTC claims they did not violate Apples touchscreen patentsHTC is currently being sued by Apple for allegedly infringing upon the Cuppertino company’s patents. These patents include several that pertain to touchscreen displays and gestures, such as zooming in on photos, multitouch gestures and the slide-to-unlock feature. As far as the layman is concerned, we’re sure that most can agree that these features are pretty much considered to be “standards” as far as touchscreen-based smartphones are concerned these days and what customers can expect to find when they purchase a smartphone regardless of the manufacturer. It would seem that HTC feels that way as well.

The Taiwanese company has refuted Apple’s claims of patent infringement, and told a London court that that the company’s use of touchscreen technology does not infringe upon Apple’s patents. Lawyers for HTC were quoted as saying, “We are dealing with extremely simple implementations of commonly known techniques.” If HTC were to be successful at defending themselves in the current lawsuit in the UK, it would do more than clear the company’s name of any alleged infringements, but could also be used as a precedent in its Germany lawsuit that they are not infringing upon Apple’s European patents.

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