The danger of your beloved phone smacking a pavement or even hitting a piece of metal while it is supposedly safe in your pocket as you walk past are very real dangers that we have come to terms with. When we see a top notch handset usually the image of it falling down is far from being a priority. Instead we’d rather look at the specifications, the OS that it is running and the closest that it comes to dropping it how strong the case of the phone feels in your hand. But only the people with too much money or the guts to give it a go will try it out for themselves.

The folks over at HTCpedia decided to do the dirty work and show the world how the LTE-version of the HTC One X smartphone would perform in a drop-test. The amazing smartphone was dropped on its back from waist and shoulder height and for the last drop it was the horrible-to-watch face down, waist height drop. The only silver lining we can focus on with the depression that the video might put you in is that screen replacements are getting cheaper nowadays and it would help that most smartphones come with a warranty as well. If you’ve collected yourself enough, just scroll up and click ‘play’ to watch the people over at HTCpedia carry out “important tests” for the world to see.

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