Hulu, the website which offers ad-supported streaming videos on-demand seems to have stated its intentions to possibly implement a different system that would require showing that you’re a cable customer to access some features or content, that’s according to a report by the New York Post.
Could this possibly mean that the age of cable cutting has come to an end? Although there are indications that the move toward authentication could take years to finally set in, cable companies should be happy because it would at least slow down the cord-cutting phenomenon which was inspired by Hulu in the first place, and it would also give Cable companies a chance to spice up packages to make cable subscribing a little more attractive.

The report also indicates that the alleged move to this authentication model by Hulu is a decision made by the owners of the company, Disney, News Corp, Providence Equity and Comcast, which have all apparently seen their slice of the cake get slimmer as fewer people are opting to subscribe for cable services with the option of cheaper or even free online streaming services.

This new system would require users to enter a valid Cable account number to use the service, but at this point, we don’t know how this would impact current free and paying customers of Hulu. It would be tempting to assume that the cable subscription would make additional content available, but we simply don’t know at this point. When we have further details about any Hulu-related development in this vein, we will be sure to let you know.

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