We’ve seen MacBook concepts that have turned the laptop into a tablet hybrid of sorts, but this particular concept is a pretty interesting one where it gives the iMac touchscreen capabilities, iOS features and even Siri. Dubbed the iMac Touch, this particular concept was designed by 3D animation student, Joakim Ulseth and basically shows his imagining of how the iMac might be like if it were to be given touchscreen capabilities. The concept shows off an iMac with a stand that can be folded, allowing the iMac to rest almost entirely on its back.

The stand is based on an Apple patent dubbed the “flex base” which was filed back in 2010. Other features he included would be Siri and it seems that the iMac Touch will be able to run both OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 5 and sports a 27” display with a whopping resolution of 4,096×2,304. It will be powered by either an Intel Core i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge processor and will feature two Thunderbolt ports. It’s a pretty sleek concept and it’s not too far-fetched considering that there are all-in-one desktop systems that feature touchscreen capabilities. Check out the video above for a demonstration of the iMac Touch concept in action.

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