Instagram for Android hits 5 million downloads in under a week

The employees at Instagram have been laughing all the way to the bank for more than a day straight now, after hearing that Facebook decided to gobble up Instagram for a cool $1 billion. Hey, Facebook will most probably never be able to recoup that kind of investment monetarily, but at least it will help “kill” off one rival in the photo sharing department, so the “value” will be fully unlocked in the future. Having said that, Instagram for Android has proved to be hugely popular ever since it was released, hitting 1 million downloads in a single day, and in less than a week, the total number of downloads has touched a stunning 5 million.

Google Play, also known as the Android Market, did point out that Instagram for Android lies under the 5 million and 10 million mark at this point in time, so as to how near it is to 10 million, we will not know immediately. I suppose the buzz about Facebook purchasing Instagram does have something to do with the download figures, as the iOS version took half a year to touch the 5 million download mark.

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