Intel open to the possibility of building mobile processors for Apple one dayIntel made its foray into the smartphone market today by launching the XOLO X900 Android smartphone powered by the Intel Medfield processor. While Intel has been known to put out processors for our desktop and laptop computers, we are curious as to see how they will fare in the mobile world, so what do you guys think about the possibility of Intel’s future processors powering Apple’s iOS devices?

While we’re still on the fence about that, Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini did express interest at the possibility of one day building chips for both Apple and Qualcomm, hoping to steal them away from ARM whose chipset designs are used by both companies. Will Intel one day see Apple as a customer for its mobile processors as well? We guess we will have to wait and see how Intel’s Medfield processor performs before we can arrive to a conclusion, but what do you guys think? Possible?

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