Intel plans to standardize Ultrabook battery cell designWith Intel letting the cat out of the bag concerning the future release of up to 75 more Ultrabooks for the year from a slew of different manufacturers, we also have word from the microprocessor giant that they are also looking to adopt standards for thinner batteries. I myself have lugged around a 2.4kg notebook for many years already, and I can vouch the wonders of a slim Ultrabook especially when you walk around the showfloor of conventions like CES, where 2.4kg will then feel like a ton instead. What are the advantages of adopting a thinner battery standard? For one, costs can be lowered due to an increase in the supply of batteries which will end up as suitable for use in Ultrabooks, and computer manufacturers can just use off-the-shelf models.

Intel’s ideal size for an Ultrabook battery would measure 60mm x 80mm as a standard, and hopes to see a diameter of just 16mm, which is 2mm thinner compard to what is normally used in notebooks. Apart from that, there are also 14mm battery cells, but Intel has decided to ditch them since they do not offer that much juice in the long run, and tend to rack up the manufacturing costs.

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