Internet Explorer, the Web browser from Microsoft that has long been losing its vast market share with the rise of upstarts (post Netscape Navigator) in the form of Mozilla’s Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome, has in a rare reversal, reported a slight uptick in browser market share. This is made possible thanks to a reduction of users on rival platforms such as Firefox and Chrome. Microsoft claims that nearly half of Windows 7 users use Internet Explorer 9, where around 14.6% are on Chrome 17/18, with 11.6% enjoying their Internet surfing experience with Firefox 11. Basically, Internet Explorer’s global market share hit 53.83% from 52.84% in March 2012 – at least, this is what data from Net Applications point towards. This is a reverse in its usage share compared to what has been happening in the past few years, and it would be interesting to see if this arrested slide can gain momentum and help prop Internet Explorer to be the once unbeatable juggernaut of Web browsers.

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