After its monumental launching two weeks ago, Apple is said to have sold about 55-million iPads to-date with many more to come, in the not so distant future. Given the huge success of the iPads, many accessory companies have taken it upon themselves to cash in on the popularity of the mobile device with various accessories. One of the many accessories, the iPad windshield mount, has raised concerns with regards to safety issues from authorities.

Cynthia Harris, a spokeswoman for AAA in Northern California said, “There’s just so much distraction. There are so many new devices that come out it seems that every month there’s something new.” She adds that while you might think that purchasing the latest wireless device will make your life easier and that it is tempting to do so, it should not be used while driving. A Califonia Highway Patrol spokesman, Elon Stiers also made mention of what might be deemed legal and illegal when it comes to mounted mobile devices in cars.

He said, “California law provides for an allowance of mounting five inches in the lower left corner of the driver’s side or seven inches in the lower right corner.” The iPad which comes with a 9.7 inch screen would be straight-out illegal to mount anywhere near the windshield of a car and to be accurate, by installing it, you would be ticketed for breaking 3 separate laws and have to pay amounts amounting to hundreds of dollars. You might be better off using a mount that is nowhere near your windshield and therefore less distracting or even better, to not use the device while driving at all.

Patrick Masterton who is product manager of SIIG Inc’s iPad windshield mount said that he would not advise purchasers to use the device while driving which is substantiated by a warning statement on the box of their package. When our friends over at KTVU asked them if their product could be an encouragement for people to drive and use the device, he replied that that concern should be directed at Apple. The technological giants are yet to release a statement regarding the matter. According to the report from KTVU, one of the many other iPad windshield mount manufacturers told them off-camera that is iPad and cigarettes were to be compared, the mounts could be compared to matches.

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