The iPhone’s camera is a pretty camera, but what if we could take it to the next level by introducing a 3D capable camera and a mount that allows for the attachment of DSLR lenses? Well if such an iPhone appeals to your senses, you might want to check out this iPhone PRO concept by designer Jinyoung Choi.

According to its design, the iPhone PRO features a 1.2MP rear-facing 3D capable camera and an almost edge-to-edge display measuring at 4.5” with a resolution of 1280×800. What’s interesting is that the 3D camera at the back also doubles up as a mount for DSLR lenses. While it certainly is an entertaining and novel idea, based on the renderings of a DSLR lens attached to this super thin iPhone PRO concept, it just looks ridiculous.

Camera feature aside, one of the accessories available for the iPhone PRO is a portable speaker that doubles up as a projector as well (device pictured to the right). Users will lean their iPhone PROs against the projector and it will be capable of projecting images and videos onto surfaces. Granted some of these features are pretty novel and unnecessary, but we have to admit we do like its overall design which is sleek and features a larger display that many iPhone users seem to want. Any takers?

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