iPhone photography enthusiasts, if one of your fears when using your iPhone to take photos is that it might slip out of your hand fall to the ground, you might be interested in taking a look at Photojojo’s iPhone Shutter Grip. It’s a pretty straightforward device and the name and the photo above practically gives it away. It’s essentially a grip for your iPhone that attaches to your iPhone’s connector dock, not only locking it into place, but also comes with two buttons that will either snap a still image, or begin recording a video. This will allow iPhone users to quickly switch between either mode.

Unfortunately in order to achieve this, users will be required to pair the Shutter Grip with the Belkin LiveAction app, which is free anyway so it’s not really a big deal, although it might prove to be troublesome for those hoping to snap a photo in Instagram directly. If you’re interested in getting your hands on the iPhone Shutter Grip, head on over to Photojojo’s website and pick one up for $40.

[Image credit – Photojojo]

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