Koss’ Striva Tap is an interesting device, where it will be able to stream music directly to the headphones over a Wi-Fi network. This is made possible thanks to the presence of battery-powered chips as well as Wi-Fi connectivity built right into the pair of headphones, letting you enjoy just about any Internet radio station that is available out there. There is also a switch located on the side which enables you to perform gestures so that you can navigate through the numerous channels, although radio surfing in this way with so many channels (potentially hundreds, even thousands) might prove to be one long exercise for your fingers.

The Striva Tap headphones can be configured on the computer, letting you set up the different channels of your choice so that you need not wade through, so to speak, the amount of some of the rather more useless radio stations out there. The implementation of Wi-Fi connectivity is a masterstroke instead of Bluetooth, as the range is extended and then some compared to Bluetooth. Prices for the Koss Striva Tap starts from $500, so start saving today! [Press Release]

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