LED Streetlights with Fins Look Flashy

Cree is trying to use its design prowess to get LED lighting onto streetlights. The company announced a new line of streetlights that use energy efficient LEDs which last longer. In the range of the brand of streetlight is the Aeroblade shaped lamp which is an array of LED lights set in blade like strips as pictured above. These lines of streetlights are the first since Cree which makes LED light sources, acquired Ruud Lighting to expand its lighting fixture business. According to them, LEDs are an ideal replacement for tradition streetlight bulbs because they can last longer, save money on energy and can be directed more precisely.

While all three reasons provided by Cree are logical and important, many U.S based municipalities are having trouble making ends meet and spending a higher upfront costs for LED based streetlights is not a choice they have now since they will only see the gain in a few years time from reduced maintenance costs, energy efficiency and when they realize that they do not have to change the source of light as often. Even in consumer markets, LEDs are avoided because of the same precise reasons but Cree executives have said that consumers should value LEDs for reasons apart from efficiency like better control with dimming, longer life and the potential for different designs.

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