Linux Tycoon, the game based on the only Linux distribution simulation ever made has just landed on Android. The game focuses on the player building and managing a Linux distro. The things that you have to deal with on this game would be like fixing bugs, choosing software packages and keeping your file sizes low so you can get good evaluations from your peers. On top of that, players will be able to work this simulator online. Lunduke, the mind behind what is being called the nerdiest MMO ever conceived will be releasing Linux Tycoon Server, which will allow players to run their own “world” for online play which will be separate from the official server.

Moreover, customization of the play experience from gameplay settings to package lists is allowed. Of course, Linux Tycoon will still be available for offline single play if you’re ever not in the mood. As an added bonus, whoever purchases the Beta version of Linux Tycoon will be given a free copy of the official one which is expected to be out in 2 weeks so head on over to Lunduke for more information about this simulation and how to go about purchasing it.

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