The latest Lost Planet 3 trailer which was revealed to the masses today will introduce Jim, a rig pilot who left earth to go on an extremely dangerous gig on E.D.N. III, and to make sure he is a willing participant, his bank account has been adequately compensated. Being an employee of Neo-Venus Construction (NEVEC), he is part of the team who are preparing the planet for colonization at the Coronis base. His work involves surveying the uncharted terrain, while picking up samples of the planet’s energy supply, otherwise known as Thermal Energy. Jim risks it all to hit the motherlode (not to mention the other perk of him getting to go home to his family earlier), but has to go through plenty of gut wrenching moments, too. Hey, there is a price for everything, right?

Lost Planet 3 is said to offer a wide range of gameplay, ranging from on-foot battles to intense first person action. It does not matter whether you are going to have a go at it in the multiplayer format or just enjoy the single player experience, Lost Planet 3 looks set to leave an impression on you once you start playing it.

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