MEM COFFEE set is a futuristic and elegant coffee making machineLooking for a coffee brewer that’s not only minimalistic but futuristic? If you are, Studio Mem has come up with coffee brewer concept dubbed the MEM-COFFEE set. As pictured above, the design of the brewer and the cups scream elegance and simplicity, but there’s more than meets the eye. You might have noticed that in the rendering above, there are some lights appearing at the base of the brewer. These are actually the controls to the machine itself. Yes, instead of featuring a ton of buttons and switches on the device, the MEM-COFFEE set will project out its controls onto the surface similar to that of those Bluetooth laser keyboards. From these projections, users will be able to control some of the machine’s functions to brew yourself the perfect cup. Pretty cool, right? This is definitely a concept we wouldn’t mind see being made a reality.

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