One of the staple programs on any computer ought to be Microsoft Office – and if you still do not have this essential bit of software running (it makes life a whole lot easier, instead of grappling with spreadsheets that have the table turned all awry when converted for use in Open Office) simply because of the cost, then here is something that you might want to consider. Microsoft figured out that there is another method made available to folks who want to give Microsoft Office a go, which is via a monthly subscription model. Yes sir, while you are able to purchase Microsoft Office 2010 from retail stores, online and through special programs, their latest Office 365 rollout will let you purchase Microsoft Office Professional Plus (also known as Office Pro Plus for short) for $12 each month, on a per user basis. You are able to install this particular version on up to five devices for each user, now how about that? Going for a month long holiday and do not need to use Office at all? That works out just great, since you can save $12 for that particular month.

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