From reports that were read online, what most surfers don’t like about riding huge waves is the towing. Needing a tow means needing to rent a tow or getting a buddy pull you out to the sea. WaveJet is a new motorized surfboard which neither looks nor feels like one. Most motorized surfboards so far have been thick and large.

The WaveJet line of surfboards comes with a PWP pod which uses miniature water jet drive technology to push your board along at 8 to 10 knots on still water. The speed at which you will be able to go can be controlled with a watch like device on your wrist. All the PWP pods fit snugly and flat into the WaveJet line of surfboards, boogie boards, safety boards and others.

According to the Presiden of Walden Surfboards which produced the product, the propulsion drive system will enhance where, when and how we surf since it mostly an assist system that allows you to catch more waves and get extra speed through sections. It also helps you conserve energy when you need to paddle across distances.

The WaveJet is powered by an integrated twin lithium ion battery pack capable of 20 pounds of thrust and a continuous run time of over 30 minutes. To see more about the WaveJet, watch as Surf Legend Garrett McNamara gives it a whirl in the video above or click here to buy a WaterJet Shortboard.

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