Mozilla demonstrates standards based video chat in FirefoxMozilla, for all intents and purposes, want to change the way you use the Internet with their Firefox browser, by publishing a demo of standards-based video chat recently in an experimental build of Firefox. This particular functionality will come built-in alongside the Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) standard, where it intends to support streaming audio as well as video communication on the Web without the need for any plugins whatsoever. The WebRTC standard at this point in time remains in the draft stage, but it has already been endorsed by the majority of the other browser vendors. Google’s hand is clearly in this though, where the underlying technology hails from Global IP Solutions, a company that Google snapped up a couple of years ago.

Anant Narayanan of Mozilla Labs has every intention of seeing the developers complete this feature to have it included into the mainline soon, where it ought to arrive in nightly builds within the coming months. Google did introduce a bunch of early WebRTC features, including camera access APIs, in the Chrome developer channel, so to see Mozilla follow up on Google’s effort is encouraging to say the least. Hopefully it will be widespread enough by the time the development dust settles, doing away with the need for plugins in order to enable video chat.

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