In 2009, a designer by the name of Min-Kyu Choi saw his innovation of a folding British plug go viral on Youtube (the video is embedded above for viewing at your convenience). Now a company called Made in Mind has brought an altered version of the product to the British market. The Mu Folding USB Adapter which costs 25 pounds or $40 is a result of him getting frustrated by the dimensions of the clunky plugs which dated back to 1947 and stood out from the sleek designs which were being adapted to by the gadgets it powered. While the Mu currently houses a sleeker version of the British plug, its fold-down design would be something that seems to have a tangible market in the States.

Currently it is compatible with smartphones with a laptop version still in the works. The slim package in which everything is packaged into folds out to reveal the three prongs, two of which swivel to take the traditional plug shape ready to charge up your USB smartphone and the important thing is when you’re done with it, it can be folded up in a small compact device and tossed into your bag without fear of any of the prongs leaving scratches on any of your other belongings in the bag. For something as compact and functional as this, we really can see how a US version of the Mu would definitely take some plaudits and be in-demand. Unfortunately, as of now, there is still no news of an American version on the horizon.

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