Yes, we did talk about how Google sees a future that features faster Chromebooks, and this time around, there is concrete evidence which you can view in the video of a Chromebook which boots up in a mere 5 seconds or so after pressing the “Power” button, right after the jump. This is made possible thanks to the inclusion of Coreboot technology. 5 seconds is really fast – and it would positively make current generation Chromebooks look as though they are the tortoise in the race. In fact, the Samsung Series 5 and Acer AC700 Chromebooks take approximately 20 seconds or so to boot up courtesy of its fast solid state disks inside as well as an operating system which was specially optimized for fast booting.

Just what will future Chromebooks carry to shave down the boot up time to a mere 5 seconds? Well, it might very well be attributed to the fact that Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors with Coreboot technology that keeps things moving along at a fast pace. Now to work on the battery life…

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