At Nintendo’s last investor presentation in January, the historic game company revealed that it was working on a new 2D Mario adventure game for the 3DS. The only information given by Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata was that the release date was anywhere before April 2013. Now it seems that that information has taken a turn for the better with the company registering the domain named ‘’. Reports stated that a search regarding the domain indicated that it was owned by Nintendo of America and also when the domain is typed out, users will be re-directed to Nintendo’s own website.

This just goes to show that the company is not even trying to hide its presence. Although reports have indicated of the presence of the website (and you can even try it out yourself), it doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is coming up since it is nothing unusual for companies to tie up domain names but on the other, hand we’re positive and very optimistic and cheerful so we would like to think that it is. Another possibility could of course be that it is for a Wii U game launch. Hopefully we will finally be able to see Mario move to the 4th installment after waiting so long for Street Fighter to make it its 3rd.

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