Barnes & Noble NOOK Audio spottedNow, we do know that Barnes & Noble has come up with their fair share of e-book readers in the past, and while those did not sell as well as Apple’s iPad, they have sold enough to remain in business. It seems that someone has stumbled upon a new product page for a yet undisclosed and unannounced device – the NOOK Audio, and there is no image available in the placeholder, either, to whet our appetites. Apart from that, there seems to be reports going around that the book retailer has already filed for a trademark on the term in recent times, and it would be interesting to see just what the NOOK Audio will be made of. Will it be some sort of new e-book reader that can play audio books, or perhaps convert text to speech? Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s most bitter competitor, is capable of performing either, so this might just be Barnes & Noble’s attempt at bridging the gap.

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