Oakley has Project Glass rival in the worksOakley, a name that is synonymous with functional sunglasses that also brings your good looks up by a few notches, is said to be working on a potential rival to Google’s Project Glass. This new technology from Oakley will be able to project information straight onto the lenses, and according to Oakley CEO Colin Baden, “As an organization, we’ve been chasing this beast since 1997. Ultimately, everything happens through your eyes, and the closer we can bring it to your eyes, the quicker the consumer is going to adopt the platform.”

No idea on whether Oakley intends to incorporate MP3 playback into this new pair of glasses though, as that idea has been done before in the past, although it did not really take off as intended. Baden has underlined the fact that early models will not come cheap, which is to be expected. It will definitely take a fair amount of time before augmented reality glasses become mainstream, and even so, for the price to drop to more affordable levels.

This article was filed in Homepage > Gadgets. The story was spotted on bloomberg
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