Orbotix the company behind the sphere with an attitude called Sphero has posted an end of March progress report that things are looking very good for the company. Sphero has rolled its way into hearts and also into 95 countries excluding the States. After only beginning the shipping of the devices in December 2011, to penetrate 95 more countries over a span of 5 months with both iOS and Android devices is nothing less than amazing.

As a thank you from the company, Orbotix has offered a 10% discount on international orders for the Sphero and if you wish to redeem the discount, you can head on over to the website here and use the code “GETROLLING”. The game which revolved around the ball (pardon the pun) is reportedly extremely addictive and to make matters even better for potential users, the company will be releasing two new apps for the Sphero.

The first one is called MacroLab which allows you to program your Sphero to follow a list of commands that are arranged and then to play them back as you can see in the video embedded above. To see the second app named Chromo which is allegedly a Simon Says game on steroids, you can click here for the video. Both the apps on top of the six that are already available are said to be due this month. If you’re a fan of the Sphero do leave us a comment about the two new apps which are soon to be out to let us know what you think about them.

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