Organic solar panel generates electricity, paves future for greener buildings?I did wonder as to why we could not include some sort of energy collecting action going on in the windows on our buildings – and perhaps those questions have finally been answered. German startup Heliatek have come up with a new kind of organic solar panel which were developed using a vacuum deposition process which will place tiny, organic molecules on flexible films. These panels from Heliatek will be far more efficient compared to polymer-based ones, and are tipped to have a lifespan that is similar to that of a conventional silicon solar cell.

The organic solar panels have a conversion rate of approximately 8% of the energy in light being transformed into electricity, which is slightly more than half that of conventional solar panels in terms of the efficiency range, although in cloudy weather or hot environments, the organic solar panels will be able to perform on par as the conventional panels end up being less efficient then.

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