Here is a concept that Apple fans might just drool over – the OS XI concept that will bring together OS X and iOS elements. Of course, one can always see the ‘I’ bit as part of iOS, or they can see it as part of ‘XI’, which is a naturally progression of the next name under the OS X line. It really depends on the kind of glasses you are wearing, but that is not important at all. Cult of Mac reader Cameron Leask decided to play around with a conceptual design by merging both the OS X and iOS’s best features, taking an approach which leans more towards iOS compared to the standard Mac file system. What do you think of such a concept? Is the “bastardization” as some would call it, something that appeals to you, or do you feel that the OS X and iOS elements should remain separate? After all, if it ain’t broke, why fix it, right?

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