Panasonic has found a way to stay relevant with the blooming smartphone and tablet industry. The company has noticed that with the current influx of devices that run on 4G LTE networks, battery consumption has taken an even bigger step up on the priority list while buying a device. With this, the company has announced 8 new USB mobile power supplies, 3 of which offer wireless charging.

With the Power Supplies, Panasonic has stated that the one with the highest specs is the QE-QL301 which packs a whopping 10,260 mAh of power that will be able to charge a single handset four times and since there is an extra USB port, you can even charge two devices simultaneously. As for the wireless charging, Panasonic is using Energizer’s Qi technology to enable the feature. But in actuality, what this line of mobile power supplies does is provide users of mobile devices that do not allow removable batteries to have a clearer solution laid out for them.

Instead of removing the batteries, you can just use this behemoth of a charger or one of the lower end ones which are portable and would last long enough for more than 3 charges before the device itself needs another charge. With this mobile power supply, the issue of having a non-removable battery on the list of specifications about a phone that you’re interested in, will no longer have to be a dealbreaker.

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