Draw Something achieved a mobile game record of 50 million downloads in a mere 50 days, a mark that Paper, another sketching and drawing app that is the brainchild of ex-Microsoft staff who were part of the defunct Courier project, will never beat. Still, taht does not mean that Paper is a failure – no sir, it has instead seen 1.5 million downloads while generating up to 7 million pages of ideas over the course of two weeks.

For those who have given Paper a run, just how did you find it? Did you manage to have some fun despite the rather limited drawing tools aavailable? This is more or less a digital version of a grab-and-go sketchbook, hence it is not surprising to see Paper already go through 1.5 million downloads. Of course, with the fact that the Paper app is free for download, it will definitely increase the chances and rate of adoption across devices that support Paper.

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