Back in 2011, it was rumored that Sony could be working on a Smash Bros-styled brawler that featured a lineup of characters from Sony’s game stable. While has yet to be officially announced, it looks like thanks to a leaked image of a survey, the upcoming game (which was codenamed “Title Fight”) could be branded as “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale”. Granted it’s a bit wordy but given that it was mentioned as one of the survey questions, we guess that’s probably one of the names that Sony has decided on although there is a good chance it could be changed upon its announcement.

So when will we be seeing this brawler game? According to PlayStation Lifestyle (who got their hands on the leaked survey screenshot), we could be seeing Sony make an official announcement of the game come E3 which will be held in June. So far based on the leaks and rumors, the roster of characters expected to make their way onto the game includes Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), Kratos (God of War), Parappa the Rappa, Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake (Unchartered), Colonel Mael Radec (Killzone) and Fat Princess.

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros has proved to be a smash hit (couldn’t help myself!) at parties so it would be interesting to see what Sony can come up with in a brawler game of their own.

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