May is just less than a week away, and it would definitely be a memorable month for those who love anything and everything to do with the Portal 2 game. After all, May is when the Portal 2 Level Creator will hit both PC and Mac platforms courtesy of Valve. The exact date currently stands at May 8, so barring no delay from any party or an unforseen circumstance of any kind, one ought to be able to download the Portal 2 Level Creator known as the “Perpetual Testing Initiative” for free.

Valve claims that with the Portal 2 Level Creator, you are able to “easily create, share, and play Portal 2 puzzles”, enabling you to share your brilliant creations with the rest of the world by publishing your maps directly to Steam. Once you have done that, other players can browse, vote on and play Portal 2 your puzzle, and you can do likewise to others. Valve also mentioned that “selected puzzles will automatically be downloaded and installed inside Portal 2”, so this might just be your ticket to fame if you have a penchant for churning out some fantastic puzzles in the past. I am quite sure that Portal 2 fans already have this killer puzzle brewing in the head as they read this…

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