If collecting vintage cameras and camera parts is a hobby of yours, you might be interested to learn that London camera shop, Grays of Westminster, has in stock a fisheye lens by Nikon. What so special about it you ask? Well considering that not only is the lens enormous, but it is also dates back to the 1970s which was when the lens was first introduced. The fisheye Nikkor 6mm f2.8 will offer photographers a viewing angle of 220 degrees although we’re guessing that whoever buys this will most probably want to keep it on display rather than take it out for a shooting session. That is unless that particular photographer is willing to take a 40 plus year old lens worth £100,000 (~$161,356) with them on photoshoots, putting it at risk to potential scratches and drops. No, we did not get the amount of zeros wrong, and that is in fact the price Grays of Westminster is asking for should you be interested in getting your hands on the lens. If the Nikkon 6mm f2.8 fisheye lens is out of your budget, Grays of Westminster has some other rare and vintage lenses up for sale. Head on down to their website to see the complete list.

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