raspberry piThe Raspberry Pi did have signs that point towards a successful launch from the time it was announced, amidst claims from the manufacturer themselves that the Raspberry Pi has double the graphics speed of the iPhone 4S. While initially shaping up for a February launch earlier this year, it seems that that bit was delayed to March. Even then, the slight delay must have built up additional hype around the Raspberry Pi, as websites that sold this minicomputer crashed due to the extremely high demand associated with it – we are talking about approximately 700 units per second. For those who placed their order, shipments started to commence from last week onwards, and it seems that more than 100,000 confirmed Raspberry Pi orders are just waiting to roll out ever since it was launched.

If you placed an order on, or before, April 18, you can expect to have the Raspberry Pi computer in-hand before June is over. Assuming you place an order after April 18, then July would be the earliest for when you receive the Raspberry Pi in front of your doorsteps.

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