Engient the developer of the popular physics based game Rigonauts has announced that it will be releasing the game for Android, iOS and PC in May. Fighting games are a dime a dozen and nowadays, so are strategy games but Rigonauts brings with it an impressive physics mechanics and players will need a healthy dose of strategy to beat the competition. The game which requires players to build a fighting rig and battle it out with opponents is sure to bring hours of fun and while it doesn’t share the popularity of games like Angry Birds, you can watch the trailer that is filled with mayhem with a backing of bubbly music to know what I mean.

In Rigonauts, you will play the role of Rigo who has to lead his subordinates to freedom from the evil Komandents. After Rigo’s ship gets destroyed players will have to reassemble the ship and continuously do battle in over 30 levels. And don’t think that if you just put it back together like how it says in the manual the ship will hold up, that isn’t the case. How you build and structure the ship will show in the battle that ensues after. Although the game has been announced, there is still no news about when it will ship and how much it will cost.

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