Wearing a ring can be said to be a romantic notion for some ladies, and the men who cherish their marriage would want to carry a reminder close to them at all times, that they are pledged to the love of their life instead of a passing (albeit extremely attractive) proposition standing right in front of him. Having said that, geeks who are too busy to get hitched and get the entire ring thing done can always rely on robotic rings. Surely at the mention of this, one will perk up and pay attention? The robotic rings are capable of imitating eye and mouth movements, and are currently undergoing development by a research group at Keio University.

Electromagnetic motors are integrated into the eyes of this robot, which are then controlled using a little bit of juice. At the bottom segment of the robotic ring, it will carry a microcontroller that moves the eyes, accompanied by a battery to keep it going. Basically, this unique robot fulfils the task of enhancing the animal-like, imitative ways in which ordinary folks like you and I use our hands.

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