The majority of office workers are probably familiar with the plastic IDs that they have to wear around their necks that allows them to tap in and out of their office. It sure is a pretty common setup seen in offices all around the world, but it looks like Samsung is trying to shake things up a bit. According to reports, Samsung is encouraging their employees to utilize the NFC features on their phones to tap in and out of Samsung’s headquarters in Suwon, South Korea. This move is expected to encompass about 40% of the company’s employees at its headquarters and the company is expected to implement this system to its other offices in the future.

The use of NFC technology has primarily been used to conduct mobile payments, i.e to pay for a train fare, or to pay for a drink at the counter and etc. Using NFC in this case would be a fresh take on the technology, not to mention that people tend to be a lot more careful with their phones compared to their plastic IDs, making the replacement of plastic IDs a thing of the past. What do you guys think of this move by Samsung?

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