Samsung The Next Galaxy teaseOh Samsung, you are such a tease! That is what certain parties think, as their most recent marketing ploy (which some doubt that the authenticity of the site) involves a mixture of letters that you would have pulled out from a Scrabble tile bag, as it reads “Destination: tgeltaayehxnx,” where those who love decoding anagrams would have declared this to be “the next Galaxy”. Granted, it does not require a genius to figure this out, but the URL also doubles up as a countdown clock – to something big, obviously. According to Samsung, it will allow visitors to take “the next step” in due time (less than 6 hours as at press time), leaving us with far more questions than answers. Would this mean the May 3rd unveiling of the Galaxy S3 has been brought forward, or is there some top secret Samsung device that we are not aware of which will be released soon?

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