For those wondering about the whole patent war between Apple and Samsung, the former has accused the latter of stealing its designs when it came to several Galaxy handsets. Samsung of course denied that but thanks to a court order, the Korean company was ordered to turn over documents to Apple that supposedly proved that they had referenced features and designs from some of Apple’s products.

Unfortunately Samsung failed to turn over the documents to Apple, which prompted the courts to side with Apple in a court determination that found Samsung to be in violation of the court’s orders. According to US Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal who was quoted as saying:

“The scale of Samsung’s production and the burden placed on it by the compressed case schedule and the numerous claims at issue are not in doubt […] That burden, however, does not negate Samsung’s obligation to comply with no fewer than two court orders specifying the production of documents that reference Apple’s products.”

As a result, the judge granted Apple some of the monetary sanctions that Apple sought, but not all of it. The exact amount that Apple sought in damages was not revealed. In light of this, Adam Yates, a spokesperson for Samsung responded with the statement, “Samsung will respond in accordance with the court’s order and produce the requested documentation within the timeframe provided.”

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