Shazam has become American Idolized with Live Episode Tagging

Shazam and American Idol have partnered up to enable remaining American Idol episodes to be Shazam-ed. What this means is that one of Shazam’s 200 million users can simply pick up their phone or tablet and use it to tag an Idol episode at any point during the show. By doing this, they will reveal bonus show-related content such as links to buy contestant tracks featured on the show, tweets from Idol insiders and behind-the-scenes video clips and photos of contestants.

Following Shazam’s successful TV integration for this year’s Super Bowl and Grammy Awards, Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher states that this initiative marks another major achievement for them. This feat would also put Shazam more in the face of Yahoo-owned TV-tagging IntoNow which has far less users than Shazam but has continued to push on with media deals and second screen content around events such as Republican debates.

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