Skype has launched a new app in conjunction with its new “It’s Time for Skype” marketing campaign which the company claims to be about putting the “humanity” element back into how people communicate. Skype claims that ‘Skypers’ often make use of the emoticons as a way of sharing their emotions at any given time, so to make it more humane, Skype has developed and introduced a new Facebook application to do just that. The name of the application is Skype Humoticons and it allows you to replicate the classic emotions with a picture taken from your webcam or one that already exists along with your face contorted to fit what you believe the emoticon looks like.

After doing that, users will be able to share it on their wall or add it to Skype’s “Humoticon Gallery”. The company has even added an animated Humoticon feature which requires 5 pictures from your webcam or gallery to better express your current emotions at that time. As the post from the company’s blog says, “Try creating classic faces such as the wink, big smile, sad face, tongue or thumbs up or just freestyle it and do whatever you want to express the way you’re feeling because nothing can replace the look on your face.” If you want to get started on setting up your own humoticons, just click here to access the brand new Facebook app.

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