Skype touches 40 million concurrent usersSkype, the VoIP service that has proved to be extremely popular, has achieved yet another milestone. This time around, there are 40 million concurrent users on Skype – which is definitely a huge jump over from the 34 million online users at any one time just in February earlier this year. While you might not think that 40 million people are that many, bear in mind that around three to four thousand years ago, the world’s population stood at 40 million people.

With seven billion or so people on earth these days, you can be sure that people communicate all the time, and to do so via a computer is something that can be considered to be the norm. We await the day when 50 million concurrent users are online Skype. You know what they say – the sky’s the limit! Or in this case, can we have the liberty of saying, the Skype’s the limit? Are you one of those who have had the goodness of Skype, and will not turn to any other VoIP service?

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