The twitter account for Smart Car in Argentina has employed a very novelty way of some mini promotions using the micro-blogging site Twitter. Just click here to go the car firms Argentina website and let it load. Give it awhile because it will be worth your time and then just hold down the ‘J’ key on your keyboard and watch the magic of just some ASCII art that obviously took a lot of work and patience come to life.

The effect of this is similar to flip books that we used to play with which told a short story through a sequence of slightly adjusted photos one after the other. Smart Car Argentina has decided to employ the concept to take you on a little ride through a town which has houses, a church, trees and even traffic in what the company is calling its first “Twitter Commercial”. It is innovations that are simple yet effective like this which make us realize just how powerful a tool something like Twitter can be for businesses. If you have seen the Twitter-based commercial let us know what you thought about it.

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