Babolat, a French company that has been making equipment for tennis since 1875, has recently revealed a new high-tech racket that it thinks can revolutionize training for tennis. The company has called the racket in question the Play & Connect. The racket is packed with sensors and can be used primarily to analyze every aspect of a player’s swing and performance. In order to maintain the right feel that every athlete has for their rackets the company has found a way to pack the racket with sensors and technology but still make it like enough so it feels exactly like a normal albeit expensive tennis racket and is equally light.

Before this technology existed, a player’s performance was tracked by recording the way he plays and watching the video again and again to see the minor errors or to see the small flaw in their technique perhaps but with the Play & Connect, users will be able to measure ball speed, force exerted during a swing, vibrations of the strings and the exact location on the racket that made contact with the ball. All of that data can be downloaded on a program and kept to track performances over time and also analyzed to optimize better playing techniques. Embedded above is a little teaser video of Babolat’s device in use.

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