Whenever a device is primed for release to the general market in the US, it will have to make its way through the FCC beforehand. After all, this is where the device gets tested to the hilt to make sure it is safe for general use among the populace. The Sony Xperia U is also no different, and subjected to the battery of tests, it seems to have passed with flying colors, except that it also “suffered” the indignity of having to be stripped down to the bare essentials. This entry-level smartphone has good looks going for it in its favor, and when stripped apart, some bits and pieces do feature Ericsson branding. You know the saying – waste not, want not, and it is probably the former this time around as Sony tries to make full use of whatever it carried over from its previous partnership with Ericsson. After all, if the old does not go, how can the new come in?

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