There does not seem to be any stopping of Lego bricks in action, where one of the more recent ideas hail from Zachary Pollock, a huge fan of Lego as well as being a Lego brick artist, will see a potential recreation of the entire first level of Super Mario Level in nothing but Lego bricks. According to Zachary, the project will require one block for each pixel, so to complete the whole level, we are talking about a whopping 780,000 Lego bricks in total. As for the final build, it is said to stand at more than 6 feet tall, towering over many people, measuring 90 feet wide. Best to make sure you have that wide angle lens ready if you want to capture this object of pure beauty when completed!

Zachary’s effort will be showcased at Bricks Cascade in Portland, Oregon later this June, and he hopes to complete this project in time for BrickCon Expo in Seattle by the time October rolls around. If you feel led to contribute to Zachary’s monumental yet adoringly geeky project, head on here.

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