On this date 30 years ago, the original ZX Spectrum was launched as a follow up to the ZX 81. The company behind both computers, Sinclair sold a total of 5 million units of the iconic ZX Spectrum. While the computer might seem a bit calculator-ish compared to what we have now in terms of sleekness and simplicity, it is still a beautiful image to lay your eyes on. There were 8 different models in total of the ZX Spectrum with the first one which was launched in 1982 that had 16kb of RAM and on the other hand, the 1987 ZX Spectrum +3 which landed in markets with what was a staggering amount of 128kb RAM. If you are interested to see how community viewed were made to view the computer when it first showed up in market and advertising efforts, the video embedded above shows an original ZX Spectrum advertisement from the 1980s. Let us know about your experiences with the Spectrum with a comment below.

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