The 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display along with its Legacy Cinema Display are currently market leaders for North America in the LED and LCD category of computer screens sized 24-inches and above. The figure that is being accounted for by Apple and its high-end computer screen is a massive 26.2%. With the many brands out there, having a bit over a quarter of the market is an achievement but it is a bit of a drop for Apple since Apple’s Cinema Display accounted for 53.3% of LCD LED monitors 24-inches and above in 2010.

However, just like in the smartphone world, South Korean electronics giant Samsung is nipping at Apple’s heels with 24.3% of sales in the same market segment which is a rise from 12.3% in 2010 as opposed to Apple. Outside of North America however, Samsung still leads the race after knocking Apple off the top spot in 2011. Apple which used to produce screens at 20, 24 and 30 inches for their Cinema Display range but decided to revamp its line of screens replaced it with the 27-inch Thunderbolt LED Cinema Display.

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