New Software Can Easily Unlock Any iPhone

Any iPhone including Apple’s latest installment of the successful franchise, the iPhone 4S can now be SIM-unlocked in 13 simple steps. The procedure which floated up over the weekend was discovered by mobile hacker “Loktar_Sun” and will effectively allow iPhone owners to use a SIM card from any compatible carrier rather than a carrier from which the phone was purchased. The only headache some users might face with the procedure is the pre-requisite of jailbreaking. Of course users will be privileged to using alternate carrier SIM cards but in performing the procedure, you should be aware that the manufacturer warranty will be effectively voided.

This might seem as a juicy prospect for those of you who travel internationally often or want to use your iPhone on T-Mobile’s network. According to reports online, several people have tried the procedure and replied that it went successfully, if you would the step-by-step execution for what you would need to do, it is just a source-click away. Just as another reminder, do keep in mind that the procedure will mean your warranty by the manufacturer will be ineffective.

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