You have just got to love acronyms, and the Change Anything You Have Into A Speaker USB Vibration Speaker, better known as CAYHIASUSBVS, makes good use of an acronym so that your tongue does not get all twisted. Basically, this particular device is self-explanatory – it claims to be able to transform any object into a speaker which is capable of emitting sounds. How is this made possible? For starters, it relies on technology that is similar to earless headphones, where you first need to plug it into the USB and Audio-Out ports on your computer. Following that, place the CAYHIASUSBVS onto a flat surface, and that will be transformed into an instant speaker. Needless to say, if you are an audiophile, then the audio quality will definitely not appeal to you in any way, but otherwise, it is a cool and novel way to share your favorite tunes with folks around without having to lug a boombox.

The design does leave something to be desired, measuring 80mm x 117mm x 80mm with a silver colored stick that does not seem to have any purposeful existence, other than to have folks raise questions when they look at it. Perhaps this is meant to be an attention grabber, and if that is its purpose, then I would say that the CAYHIASUSBVS has succeeded in such a manner. Expect to fork out around $40 after conversion for the CAYHIASUSBVS.

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